Axiom Space will launch its third charter mission to the ISS with a European crew led by Commander Michael López-Alegría, a dual US-Spanish citizen.

López-Alegría is proud to lead the mission, asserting its importance for scientific research, technology demonstrations, and outreach events.

The second non-American to fly the SpaceX Dragon is Italian Air Force colonel Walter Villadei, head of the ItAF's U.S. commercial spaceflight office.

 Alphaer Gezeravcı, a mission specialist on the flight, will be the inaugural Turkish astronaut to embark on a space journey

More than thirty scientific experiments and more than fifty outreach events are going to be implemented as part of the mission.

Swedish astronaut Marcus Wandt is excited about conducting experiments related to stem cells during his mission.

 A static fire test of the Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled for Monday, followed by a pre-launch teleconference.

 López-Alegría and former NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson will continue overseeing private astronaut missions to the ISS.