Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, co-stars of "Twins" and "Junior," starred in a Super Bowl commercial for State Farm Insurance.

The advertisement, which was entered into the 36th Ad Meter competition that was held by USA TODAY, was awarded first place.  

Schwarzenegger portrays a State Farm staff member in an action movie, saving puppies and a pregnant woman from a burning house. 

The commercial's slogan, "Like a Good Neighbaaa," achieved a score of 6.68, surpassing Dunkin's score of 6.52. 

The commercial also featured actor Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Lopez, Tom Brady, and Matt Damon. 

Schwarzenegger, with 26 million followers on Instagram, resurrects his iconic image as an action star. 

The commercial won the Ad Meter championship, a title reclaimed by State Farm after winning the championship a year later. 

Other top-five rankings included "Foot Washing," "Who Is My Neighbor?", and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign. 

The Super Bowl transcends its status as a mere sporting spectacle, offering an opportunity to appreciate grand displays such as musical performances, trailers, and large-scale advertisements.