The museum showcases African American history through rare artifacts and exhibits, tracing African civilizations, slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and modern day movements.

The documentary "Is That Black Enough for You?" explores the history of African-American representation in film and pop culture, highlighting the impact of unapologetic Blackness.

USI's Black Student Union and Activities Programming Board will host a screening of "The Princess and the Frog" alongside food samples of beignets and gumbo.

The USI Multicultural Center is hosting this annual competition where USI participants are asked to present three- to five-minute speeches on any topic.

Former Junior League of London President Zena Martin will present at the Evansville African American Museum on the history of women of color within the organization.

The Black History Month Unity Choir concert, led by Rev. James Hamler, features singers, choirs, and a special children's choir from the Tri-State region.

African American Museum Day at Wesselman Woods offers free access to trails, nature playscape, treehouse, bird sanctuary, and information about the museum, eclipse, and Black history.

Participate in Black History Month by sharing stories, poems, or essays by Black authors or featuring Black stories, contacting Andrea Jefferson at