Apple's Vision Pro, an innovative spatial computer, is now available at Apple Stores across the U.S.

 The product integrates digital content with the physical environment, enabling immersive spatial experiences in VisionOS.

 The updated App Store offers access to over 1 million compatible apps on iOS and iPadOS, and more than 600 new experiences that fully utilize the distinctive features of Vision Pro.

The device requires a brief questionnaire to ensure eyes are ready for use, but can handle prescription lenses.

On the day that it was made available to the general public, the product was initially priced at $3499 in its initial release. 

The Vision Pro has the potential to significantly alter the augmented reality scene, excelling in entertainment and preserving familial moments.

Although too large and heavy for a full-day office workstation, Zoom's Vision Pro app is expected to significantly impact the office Zoom environment.

 Apple has released instructional videos on YouTube, including "Familiarizing Yourself with the Settings" and "Becoming Acquainted with the Control Center."