Android 15 includes a mode that optimizes battery consumption for games and programs that require a high level of performance. 

In this environment, developers are given information that urges them to favour power conservation over performance. This information is presented to them. 

On top of this, it has the capacity to provide developers with information regarding the possibility of thermal throttling circumstances. 

The platform known as Health Connect, which is used for organizing and disseminating information regarding health and fitness, will be updated. 

The feature that allows users to share their screen, which was only partially implemented in Android 14, will be fully integrated into Android 15. 

The "Developer Preview" of Android 15 for smartphones has been released by Google, which includes the introduction of new features and improvements. 

Controls for the camera will be implemented, which will enable developers to adjust the brightness level and flash strength of the camera preview. 

It is planned to improve the "File Integrity Manager" so that it can incorporate individual cryptographic signatures for the purpose of protecting data.