Former NFL running back Adrian Peterson is auctioning off items, including trophies and game balls, to collect a large judgement for failing to repay a loan from 2016.

Peterson, who has amassed around $100 million, has denied financial troubles and stated that an estate sale company is selling his trophies without his permission. 

controversy surrounding the auction of Adrian Peterson, explained: Despite selling trophies, a former NFL star claims that he is not broke. 

Texmax Auctions, LLC, is hosting an online auction that started on Feb. 15 and will end on Feb. 29. 

The auction includes almost 1,000 items, including clothing, athletic apparel, and memorabilia, including trophies and plaques awarded to Peterson. 

Peterson's lawyer, Sam Edwards, stated that the auction is being conducted "through the bankruptcy courts." 

Peterson's wife Ashley Peterson, and three of their companies have been accused of conspiring to commit fraud and evade debt payment. 

Six hundred seventy-five dollars was the maximum amount that Peterson could have potentially bid on one of his Player of the Year trophies. 

Peterson's lawyer, Robert Berleth, filed a lawsuit in August 2022 against Peterson, his wife Ashley Peterson, and three of their companies.