Actor Kieren Culkin, known for his roles in Succession and Easy A, recently collaborated with actress Emma Stone for the upcoming film A Real Pain.

 Kieran expressed admiration for Emma, stating she is an excellent individual and that working with a former partner has numerous advantages.

Despite not knowing Jesse Eisenberg, who served as the costar and director, Kieran found the process satisfactory.

The couple started their relationship on the set of the 2009 film "Paper Man," and they have maintained a cordial relationship.

 They have also entered into other romantic relationships, with Kieran marrying Jazz Charton in 2013, and Emma having a 2-year-old daughter with her husband Dave McCary.

Kieran finds it amusing to use the term 'ex' when discussing Emma, stating she is a close friend of both him and his wife.

Kieren Culkin expressed his opinion on Emma's acting abilities and her success, stating she is universally adored and highly esteemed.

He also shared his admiration for Emma's first Saturday Night Live performance, which he assured her of her qualifications.