Honeywell Automation, Adani Wilmar and other notable companies: Top 10 midcap stocks that experienced significant losses in the Nifty 50 in 2023

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Despite Nifty’s remarkable performance in 2023, let’s take a look at the midcap stocks that experienced significant losses on the index this year.

India’s primary benchmark index, the Nifty 50, concludes 2023 with an impressive performance, reaching an all-time high of 21,800 in the final days of the year. In spite of the unpredictable nature of global markets and geopolitical tensions, the Nifty experienced significant gains over the course of the year.

The significant surge in Nifty 50 this year can be attributed to the impressive performance of the midcap and smallcap segments of the market. These segments have outperformed the overall market, recording gains of 40 percent and 50 percent, respectively, in the current fiscal year.

The midcap segment of the Nifty 50 experienced a significant surge in share prices in 2023, surpassing the performance of the blue-chip indexes, despite some concerns regarding valuations. Despite the impressive progress, certain stocks experienced a notable decrease in their shares, falling behind the top performers.

Based on data compiled by Bloomberg, here are the top 10 midcap losers of the Nifty 50 in the year 2023.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, here are the top 10 midcap stocks that experienced losses in the Nifty 50 index in 2023.

Rajesh Exports Ltd. closed at ₹367 on December 29, making it the top midcap loser of 2023 in the Nifty 50. The company experienced a significant 50.77% decrease in its stock price.

Adani Wilmar Ltd. emerged as the second biggest loser of 2023 on Nifty50, with its market price (CPM) being recorded at ₹355 on Friday. The shares of Adani Wilmar have experienced a significant decline of 37.42 percent over the course of this year.

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. had a CPM of ₹468.65 and ranked third in terms of performance in 2023. The company experienced a significant decrease of 18.20 percent in its stock price this year.

Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd’s share price is currently at ₹404 apiece, placing it in the middle of the list of biggest midcap losers. In 2023, the firm experienced a significant decrease of 16.50 percent in its stock price.

Ranked fifth is Canara Bank, with a total CPM of ₹281.05. According to the Nifty50 index, Canara’s share price significantly decreased in 2023 by 15.68%.

Honeywell Automation India Ltd. ranked sixth on the list of biggest losers this year, with a CPM of ₹35,109.35. In 2023, there was a significant decrease of 15.62 percent in the firm’s share prices.

On Friday, Atul Ltd’s share price reached ₹71802, but it has experienced a significant decline on Nifty this year, with its share prices dropping by 15.05 percent in 2023.

Vinati Organics Ltd. has a CPM of ₹1714.60, positioning it as the eighth largest midcap underperformer in 2023. This year, the company experienced a decrease of 13.73 percent in its share price.

Ranked ninth is Alkyl Amines Chemicals, which experienced a significant 13.44% decrease in its stock price in 2023, resulting in a total CPM of ₹2295.60.

Page Industries ranks tenth on the list, with a closing share price of ₹38,512.75 on Friday. The company experienced a significant decline in its shares, with a decrease of more than 10 percent in the year 2023.

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