The United States will transition from the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) era to the “Make America Wealthy Again” (MAWA) era.

The date is December 21st in New York.

The United States is poised to have a tumultuous year that may culminate in political upheaval. Despite the increasing number of individuals engaged in employment and travel and the consequent improvement in air quality, President Joe Biden has been unable to alter the course of the nation’s middle class. In the next year, there will be internal conflicts within the Republican Party that will further deteriorate the country’s financial position, as well as an election that will serve as a crucial test for its democratic system. The phrase “Make America Worse Again” will not serve as a campaign slogan, but it is expected to become a prevailing sentiment in 2024.

The United States is nearing the conclusion of a second straight presidential term that prioritised the ease of individuals’ lives at the expense of the government’s financial stability. Biden’s comprehensive legislation aimed at enhancing chip manufacturing and renewable energy will provide a substantial number of employment opportunities, despite the fact that unemployment rates remain at historically low levels. Individuals are continuing to use the financial assistance provided during the epidemic, which was implemented by the administration of former President Donald Trump. The Transportation Security Administration reports that the volume of passengers passing through checkpoints at U.S. airports is reaching unprecedented levels. With the decline in greenhouse gas emissions, Americans have seen improvements in several aspects compared to four years earlier.

However, despite the substantial expenditure, it has not been successful in reversing some persistent patterns. According to statistics from the National Centre for Health Statistics, the average life expectancy at birth for the average American in 2022 was 77.5 years, which is lower than the figure recorded in 2017 when Trump became office, despite a post-Covid rebound.

Meanwhile, affluent individuals in the United States have consistently seen an increase in wealth during President Biden’s tenure. According to Federal Reserve figures, the wealthiest 0.1% of the population had $18.6 trillion by the conclusion of the second quarter of 2023, representing an almost 20% increase from the fourth quarter of 2020. The lower 50% of the population’s wealth also increased, possibly indicating a trend in wage growth. According to the Dallas Federal Reserve, inflation has a disproportionately negative impact on those with lower incomes.

United States

The nation’s immediate course of development indicates little improvement. Although the rate of inflation, which resulted from extensive expenditures initiated by Trump and continued by Biden, has decelerated, other repercussions persist. In the near future, the annual expenditure on paying the U.S. national debt will surpass the money allocated to the country’s military. With the next election season, the incessant arguing among politicians will further impede the ability of U.S. lawmakers to approve a lasting budget. It is quite plausible that the nation will fail to meet its financial obligations in 2024.

If the current polls are proven to be correct, the 81-year-old Biden would compete against Trump in a rematch of the closely contested 2020 election, which ended with the supporters of the former real estate mogul storming the Capitol. The criminal allegations brought against Trump have not had any discernible impact on his popularity among his fans, despite the endorsement of one of his competitors by key Republican figures, including members of the powerful Koch dynasty. Peter Thiel, the wealthy technology mogul who endorsed Trump in 2016, has chosen not to provide his support to him once again. However, Trump has already shown his ability to challenge the control that party leaders usually have over electoral contenders.

The November budget deal demonstrates the House Republicans’ willingness to collaborate with their political opponents in order to combat the more radical faction within their own party. However, the capricious American electorate will ultimately choose the president. Recent forecasts by FiveThirtyEight indicate that if Trump is included on a ticket, he would emerge victorious. These predictions are based on the fact that Biden’s favorability rating is lower than that of his predecessor. Anticipating the result of an election a year ahead is an unattainable task. What seems more certain, however, is that the process will result in the deterioration of America.

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