“The DunKings” are Super Bowl LVIII champions, and fans can find official merchandise, hats, tracksuits, and menu information.

“The DunKings”; Ben Affleck’s success as a pop star is a testament to the power of Dunkin’ Donuts. Following the Super Bowl reveal, fans can explore The DunKings experience with a limited-time menu at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants and exclusive merchandise on ShopDunkin.com.

Dunkin’® is embarking on an unprecedented journey, starting with the most prestigious music awards and culminating in the most exciting football night. The brand has launched a multi-part narrative campaign in partnership with Artists Equity, owned by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The campaign teased Dunkin’ Donuts’ return to the Super Bowl, which premiered this evening, with a commercial broadcast during the Grammy Awards. Artists Equity handled the creative, production, and post-production aspects for the brand.

“The DunKings” are Super Bowl LVIII champions,

“The DunKings” Donuts granted Ben Affleck’s dream of working in the company’s drive-thru a year ago, as part of the “Dunkin’ Cinematic Universe.” Jennifer Lopez, Affleck’s wife, surprised him by placing an order during the first Super Bowl commercial. Ben’s mistaken identity as Matt Damon during his April run marked the beginning of the universe’s expansion, leading to a partnership with Ice Spice for a bespoke beverage developed in the previous year’s fall.

“Popstar” Presented by Grammy Awards

The 66th annual Grammy Awards presented the first segment of “Popstar,” featuring Ben, a social media star and Dunkin’ Donuts fanatic, embarking on an unexpected journey to prove he was bored at the previous year’s awards. Charli D’Amelio, a social media star and entrepreneur, instructed Ben in dance to prepare for the experience. The final scene, reminiscent of a superhero movie, features Ben holding a Dunkin’ Donut before the “To Be Continued” message appears, inspiring him to overcome uncertainties and achieve his goals.

“The DunKings”: The winner of Super Bowl LVIII

DunKing, a boy band that emerged victorious in Super Bowl LVIII, were featured in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial following a suspenseful cliffhanger. The commercial features J.Lo, a singer, interrupted by Ben Affleck, who unexpectedly introduces their new song “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart.” This event brings both amusement and embarrassment to J.Lo, who is humiliated.

Matt Damon, a close friend of Ben Affleck, was chosen due to his Bostonian background and involvement as a co-founder of Artists Equity. Tom Brady, a prominent figure in Boston sports history, made his debut as a member of “The DunKings”.

despite facing criticism from J.Lo, Fat Joe, and rap superstar Jack Harlow, found solace in their setback and eagerly awaited their inclusion on Dunkin’ Donuts’ menu, launching a nationwide merchandise and menu inspired by them.

Following criticism from J.Lo and Fat Joe, and a warning from rap superstar Jack Harlow, The DunKings found comfort in their setback and eagerly await the opportunity to be featured on the Dunkin’ Donuts menu. The brand introduced The DunKings‘ dreams by launching a menu and merchandise inspired by them nationwide.

“The DunKings” are Super Bowl LVIII champions,

The advertising campaign and additional footage, such as sampling The DunKings Iced Coffee and the delightful MUNCHKINS® Skewer, create a profound sense of joy for fans. Jill McVicar Nelson, the Chief Marketing Officer of Dunkin’ Donuts, aims to associate the brand with a sincere and cheerful bond, allowing individuals to actively pursue their objectives, enjoy themselves, and have a pleasurable experience simultaneously.

This is the menu of DunKings :

Starting February 12, retail outlets nationwide will begin stocking the DunKings menu for a limited time, featuring various items.

  • The DunKings Iced Coffee: Ben’s favorite DunKings Iced Coffee is his first official order from Dunkin’ Donuts, featuring a traditional iced coffee with vanilla, cream, Sweet Cold Foam, and cinnamon sugar. This beverage is his go-to order and his first official coffee order anywhere on the menu.
  • The DunKings MUNCHKINS® Skewers: The DunKings MUNCHKINS® Skewers are a convenient, portable treat consisting of three MUNCHKINS® that can be incorporated into any beverage, especially The DunKings Iced Coffee, for a delectable experience.

Fans can access additional items from the limited-edition menu through the Dunkin’ Mobile App, which includes the following items, so that they can truly eat like a DunKing:

  • Breakfast Sandwich: The Everything Encore Breakfast Sandwich is a delectable combination of everything bagel and bacon, featuring sweet black pepper seasoned bacon, white cheddar cheese, and an egg.
  • Hazelnut Heartthrob Iced Coffee: A blend of sweet caramel, hazelnut, and whole milk, served with hot or iced coffee.
  • Mixed Berry Beats Dunkin’ Refresher: The Dunkin’ Refresher features a Strawberry Dragonfruit flavor with an additional shot of raspberry flavoring.

About “The DunKings” Tracksuits and Hats:

Dunkin’ Donuts is offering fans the chance to purchase neon orange and pink tracksuits and fuzzy pink bucket hats featuring the word “Boston” on both the front and back. The tracksuits, which will be available for purchase at noon on Monday, will be available for those who prefer to consume food and drink in the same manner as the star-studded trio.

Wish to be a member of the band? The Official DunKings Merchandise

The DunKings are offering exclusive merchandise collection on ShopDunkin.com for fans to immerse themselves in the band’s world. Starting on February 12 at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, fans can purchase tracksuits and fuzzy bucket hats, as well as stainless steel tumblers with a capacity of forty ounces. These tumblers are designed to keep fans energized and refreshed, allowing them to enjoy their favorite DunKing beverage at home. The merchandise collection will be available for as long as supplies last.

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