The article discusses three theories and predictions about the upcoming release of The 10 Wild Avatars.

The Sully family may visit Earth in Avatar 3 to end the wars and show the audience the devastated world, according to the speculations.

In Avatar 3, the villain’s storyline might become intriguing if Spider decides to turn against the Na’vi.

The third Avatar film may provide fresh insight into the Na’vi and human cultures’ relationships with Pandora by exploring the prospect of a cooperative effort between the two.

Avatar 3 is a thrilling sequel to the popular film franchise, with ten outlandish plot points and predictions. The first two films of the series, Avatar: The Way of Water, have been highly successful, but the plot information for the third installment, Avatar 3, is currently kept under wraps.

The main characters in Avatar are from Earth, but the titular planet has yet to appear in the series. It is possible that Avatar 3 will see the Na’vi making their long-awaited journey to Earth, seeking out humans, due to Jake and Kiri’s relationship with Dr. Grace. Another possibility is that the Na’vi come to Earth to find diplomatic solutions to their issues.

Spider, the adopted human child of the Sully family, finds himself in an intriguing situation due to his Na’vi background. As Spider matures, he may come to hate the Na’vi, which could be explored in Avatar 3.

Avatar 3 may take a different approach by having the two sides collaborate, as the Ash Tribe’s entrance reveals that the villainous Na’vi will take the stage. The Metkayina and Omatikaya clans will meet more Na’vi clans, including the Ash People, who live on fire. The Omatikaya will likely seek the Metkayina’s aid in Avatar 3.

Colonel Quaritch’s redemption story in Avatar 3 is more probable now that he’s embodied as a Na’vi, providing fresh insight into the legendary character. Kiri remains a mystery, but Avatar 3 may resolve one of the most pressing mysteries: her paternity.

Tsireya and Lo’ak’s romance develops throughout Avatar: The Way of Water, but the film keeps quiet about their fate. The possibility that Tsireya remained with the Sully family is a tantalising hint for Avatar 3.

As part of Earth’s transformation into a desolate wasteland in the Avatar universe, Earthlings going to Pandora and establishing a colony could be a fantastic plot point for Avatar 3. However, the RDA destroying Pandora could provide the Na’vi with an excuse to come to Earth, which could be a gloomy turn for the series.

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