Player Excited About New Dragon Ball Trading Card Game Challenges, Uncertainties, Current status and future

The New Dragon Ball Trading Card Game Challenges, Super Card Game, a popular trading card game, is set to be developed into a digital version, according to a patent application submitted by Bandai Namco. This digital version could offer players various benefits and features.

The Dragon Ball franchise has produced numerous anime, manga, video games, and merchandise. The Dragon Ball Trending Card Game, a physical trading card game released in 2017, is a recent addition to the Dragon Ball universe, gaining popularity and complexity since its introduction. The game has been a worldwide phenomenon for several decades.

Bandai Namco, the publisher of the Dragon Ball Trending Card Game, has submitted a patent application for a digital version of the game. The patent describes a system for a digital card game service that allows players to collect, trade, and battle cards featuring characters and scenes from the Dragon Ball series. The patent was filed in October 2022 and published in January 2024.

About New Dragon Ball Trading Card Game:

The Dragon Ball Trending Card Game is a competitive card game for two players, based on characters and events from the Dragon Ball Trending anime series and other Dragon Ball media. It takes elements from Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering and gives them a Dragon Ball twist, creating a unique experience. The game focuses on increasing power levels to defeat opponents in combat, replicating the epic battles from the series.

Dragon Ball Trending Card Game Fusion World is a digital companion app for players worldwide, allowing them to scan their physical cards and use them in a simplified digital version of the game. However, it does not support online multiplayer, deck building, or trading, making it not a full-fledged digital card game. Players can find information on the game’s rules, card lists, events, and strategies on the official website.

Player Excited about new Dragon Ball Card Game:

The digital version of the Dragon Ball Trending Card Game may offer unique advantages and features not found in the physical version, such as the following:

  • Online Multiplayer: Enables global competition, tournament participation, and leaderboard climbing.
  • Deck Building: Allows players to construct and personalize their own decks using a vast pool of digital cards.
  • Trading: Enables expansion of player collection by exchanging cards for free or in-game currency.
  • Accessibility: Allows players to play the game anytime, anywhere, using their preferred device.
  • Regular Updates: Regular updates with new cards, features, and bug fixes to maintain game equilibrium and freshness.

Challenges and Uncertainties of Dragon Ball Card Game:

The Dragon Ball Trending Card Game’s digital version could be a dream come true for fans, but there are potential challenges and uncertainties that could impact its development and reception, including:


  • Consistency in rules, cards, and formats is necessary for the digital version to align with the physical version.
  • This could limit design and creativity, leading to confusion and frustration for players switching between versions.


  • A sustainable and equitable method for monetizing digital cards is needed.
  • This could involve balancing free-to-play and pay-to-win models.


  • The game must compete with established digital card games like Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering Arena, and Legends of Runeterra.
  • The game must offer something unique to attract and retain players.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Digital Demand Evaluation:

  • Assessing actual player demand and interest.
  • Evaluating the willingness of the physical community to switch to the digital version.
  • Attracting new and casual players.
  • Considering the potential lack of familiarity with the Dragon Ball franchise or interest in card game genre,.

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Current status and future of the digital Dragon Ball card game:

Bandai Namco’s

The patent for the Dragon Ball Trending Card Game is a rumor, indicating a potential intention to expand and improve the game, though it does not guarantee its worldwide release. The patent demonstrates Namco’s awareness of the game’s potential.

The future of the digital card game depends on player feedback, developer resources, and the Dragon Ball franchise’s performance. If successful, it could be a game-changer for the Dragon Ball Trending Card Game and a new way for fans to enjoy the universe.

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