The inquest into the demise of Matthew Perry was concluded with the autopsy’s determination that he engaged in “recreational” drug use.

Matthew Perry’s death was attributed to the acute effects of ketamine, but concerns remain about his ketamine usage. Neurologist Dr. Bankole Johnson suggests Perry may have obtained the substance illegally for recreational purposes, despite the autopsy report confirming the cause.

Johnson suggests Perry’s opioid addiction was likely due to recreational ketamine use, as he was also taking buprenorphine, a substance he describes as a potential disaster.

Perry’s ketamine infusion therapy for depression and anxiety was documented a week and a half before his death, emphasising the importance of professional administration for safe ketamine use, including IV drips for accurate dosage control.

Matthew Perry’s ketamine test results reveal that infusion treatment, primarily self-administered, is generally not as safe and may lead to more aggressive drug use. However, his friend Jennifer Aniston confirmed that Perry had quit smoking and was on the road to fitness. Perry was content with his progress, feeling no pain and being overjoyed as he was able to communicate with his friends.

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Toxicology results showed that Matthew Perry had substantial ketamine levels in his blood, which are over the usual range for supervised surgical settings, suggesting that he either abused or illegally got the substance.

The fact that buprenorphine was involved in Perry’s death adds another layer of complexity; Johnson claims that this drug can increase the sedative effects of ketamine and cause the patient to become unconscious. Its primary function is that of a catalyst.

The usage of ketamine for recreational purposes at raves and parties is acknowledged in the study by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner. Nevertheless, it does not explicitly state whether Perry abused or unlawfully acquired the substance.

Julia Roberts addresses ex-BF Matthew Perry’s death, while Johnson clarifies that ketamine is a prescribed medication by licenced doctors or nurse practitioners, warning against risky home micro-dosing.

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