The union reports that Lufthansa ground staff will strike for 27 hours.

The Verdi union has called for a strike by Lufthansa ground staff from Tuesday to Wednesday, demanding higher wages. The strike will affect airports in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Cologne, and Stuttgart. A similar strike in February caused the cancellation of 900 out of 1,000 planned flights, affecting around 100,000 passengers.

Lufthansa Ground Crew Strike

The Verdi union and Lufthansa have announced that the ground crew members of the German airline will go on strike on Tuesday. This industrial action is the most recent form of industrial action to hit the transport sector in Germany, where workers are continuing their fight for higher pay. The strike is scheduled to begin at 4 o’clock in the morning (0300 GMT) on Tuesday and will end at seven ten o’clock in the morning (0610 GMT) on Wednesday. The strike will be in effect for a total of three days.

This situation has had an impact on several airports, including those in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Stuttgart. Michael Niggemann, a member of the Lufthansa executive board responsible for human resources, stated that the strike was unfortunate because it would cause inconvenience to both employees and customers. He said that this would be a positive development for the company.

The ground services department of the Lufthansa workforce is one of the many groups of employees who are currently engaged in negotiations regarding collective bargaining agreements. The employees of Lufthansa are currently involved in these negotiations. Verdi is requesting a wage increase of 12.5% in addition to a one-time payment of more than three thousand euros to compensate for inflation. Over the course of a year, this would be equivalent to an increase of at least 500 euros ($544.30), which would occur on a monthly basis. In addition, Verdi is requesting that the wage increase be handed out to 25,000 employees who work as ground staff.

Germany, with the largest economy in Europe, has been hit by a number of nationwide strikes that have impacted public transportation, railways, and various modes of transportation, including air travel. These strikes have also affected the rail industry. The ground staff of Lufthansa will be on strike for a period of 27 hours during the duration of the strike.

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The union demands that 25,000 employees of Lufthansa receive pay raises of 12.5% and a one-time inflation bonus that applies to the entire group. The offer of a 10% pay increase that Lufthansa made last week was rejected by 96% of its employees because they do not believe that their wages are matching the rate of inflation in Germany. Marvin Reschinsky, the lead union negotiator, has stated that the ground crews are experiencing feelings of dissatisfaction among themselves.

The subsequent round of negotiations is scheduled to take place on February 21st, as suggested by the plan that is currently in place. At the beginning of this month, the security personnel who work at German airports went on strike in order to demand that they be paid more appropriately. A wave of strikes occurred as a result of this action, and on February 1, more than two hundred thousand passengers were affected as a result of the cancellation of more than one thousand flights that were scheduled to depart from eleven major airports.

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