Prediction: It is possible that Kim Kardashian may face consequences on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian is skilled at generating widespread attention. Many individuals, including reality stars and influencers, have utilized platforms like Instagram to promote and sell various products, such as shapewear, from their own companies like Skims. The photo-sharing network boasts a staggering number of influencers, with over 10 million individuals capitalizing on a thriving $21 billion marketing economy, as reported by McKinsey. In 2024, social media companies will be interested in tapping into these side hustles as they face challenges with their growth. They will negotiate by removing privileges from stars.

Kardashian, with an impressive following of over 360 million on Instagram, used her fame to successfully co-launch private equity firm SKKY Partners in 2023. In 2019, Kardashian successfully launched Skims, which is now valued at $4 billion, showcasing her previous experience in the world of investing. Other influencers are generating significant value that Instagram parent Meta Platforms (META.O) and its peers are unable to access. Despite a modest beginning, payments made directly to individual online stars have experienced rapid growth compared to advertising revenue at Instagram, Facebook, YouTube (owned by Alphabet), and Snap, as reported by market research firm Insider Intelligence.

Kim Kardashian’s social media

They possess a valuable asset to regain control over the money slipping away: the opportunity they provide to influencers. They are already taking action. At X, previously known as Twitter, owner Elon Musk has implemented updates that offer incentives for users to enhance their profiles by paying. These updates also provide users with detailed metrics to better understand the impact of their actions. In 2023, Instagram made adjustments to its app to reduce the visibility of specific posts. Despite their lack of success, these companies have the potential to leverage their influence and benefit from activities outside of their platform, such as Kardashian’s ventures.

Some individuals may argue that their content plays a significant role in fostering a sense of community on these platforms. It is worth noting that Kardashian’s influence was significant enough to prompt Instagram to reverse its app changes in 2022. However, there is a strong connection between the content that is created and the methods used to distribute it. Both deserve compensation.

Instagram is well-positioned to address this, as it is the leading platform for influencer marketers, according to Insider Intelligence’s data. The potential of what is being offered could be even greater than what McKinsey suggests, especially considering Skims’ upcoming public offering. Influencers may be hesitant to distribute their earnings. However, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg can certainly highlight the potential consequences they may face if they were to be removed from the platforms that contribute to their popularity.

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