Donald Trump to Face Criminal Trial in Hush Money Case from March 25

A New York judge rejected Donald Trump‘s request to dismiss criminal charges related to hush money paid to a porn star, setting the stage for the first criminal trial of a former US president. The trial, scheduled to begin on March 25, will provide insight into the legal process and potential repercussions for Trump.

Donald Trump is set to attend a hearing in New York over the “Hush Money” paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels in 2016. Daniels claims she had sex with Donald Trump and accepted $130,000 (£103,500) from his former lawyer Michael Cohen before the 2016 election for silence. The former president has denied all sexual contact with Daniels since 2018. The judge may decide whether the Criminal Trial will begin on March 25 in Thursday’s hearing.

The judge will rule on some of Trump‘s legal motions. The start date, as well as other court dates involving the former president, have been uncertain. We are waiting for the Supreme Court’s ruling on whether to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot. That backed up his court schedule. If this Hush Money trial begins, the former president’s first criminal trial will begin in late March.

Trump faced civil trials this year. In a busy election year, the D. Trump case is just one of many legal and political dramas. Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, said she met Donald Trump at a charity golf tournament in July 2006. They allegedly had sex in his Lake Tahoe hotel room, between California and Nevada. D. Trump‘s attorney “vehemently” denied this. An interviewer asked if D. Trump told her to keep quiet about their alleged night together. She said he was arrogant.

Trump will appear in court. This security line is more disorganized than D. Trump‘s arraignment last year. The increased police presence has blocked certain street corners, preventing cars from dropping people off. D. Trump has appeared in court for multiple trials, and authorities and the press have followed the pattern. Former US presidents in court are now commonplace.

Trump’s speech outside the courtroom begins with “This is not a crime.” He claims that the case is about hurting him in the election, where he is “leading by a lot.”

D. Trump entered the courtroom and sat at the defense table. He appeared more relaxed as he walked down the center aisle, greeting one reporter he recognized. As Justice Juan Merchan entered the courtroom, everyone stood. The court is in session.

Donald Trump’s Criminal Trial: A First in American History

Todd Blanche, Donald Trump‘s attorney, is requesting a delay. The possibility of a former president appearing in court as a criminal defendant is growing as jury selection begins on March 25. To date, the former president’s four indictments have had little impact on his presidential campaign. D. Trump‘s trial may not change this, but it will be a first in American history.

Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, called Justice Merchan’s announcement that jury selection will begin at the end of March a “great injustice.” He says the indictment has created a “completely different landscape” and an “impossible position” for D. Trump. The District Attorney’s lawyer, Joshua Steinglass, disputes Blanche’s claim that the trial schedule would hinder D. Trump‘s presidential campaign. The Criminal Trial will begin after several Republican primaries in February and March, including Super Tuesday on March 5.

In two major Trump‘s court cases, Trump is closely monitoring his lawyers. The first case involves the 2016 “Hush Money” paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels, which is being investigated in New York. Donald Trump‘s motion to dismiss that case was denied in New York, but the Georgia courtroom could still provide important updates.

The prosecution wants jurors to discuss QAnon and election conspiracies, using Judge Lewis Kaplan’s questions from D. Trump‘s E. Jean Carroll defamation Criminal Trial this year. Kaplan asked if jurors believed in the 2020 election theft and the QAnon conspiracy theory. Prosecutors believe that questions about their affiliation with far-right militias or far-left groups like Antifa are relevant, and they want to know if jurors think the legal system conspires against Trump.

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Todd Blanche says many Americans believe in election conspiracies or think the legal system is unfair. A January Washington Post poll found that 62% of Americans believe Joe Biden’s election was legitimate, and a third think it was stolen. A rough trial schedule emerges, with the prosecution suggesting 15–17 days to present their case, but more if both parties can’t agree. The court won’t meet on Wednesdays or April 29, according to Justice Merchan. Some of Trump‘s lawyers will observe Passover during the trial, and Justice Merchan has said the court cannot take a week or two off, but he will consider working around the holiday.

Donald Trump’s Trial Performance

Trump appears bored and restless during the trial, listening to his attorney but occasionally leaning over to consult with his lawyers. This is a procedural hearing about dates, questionnaires, and discoveries, rather than bombshell evidence or witnesses with long ties to the former president.

Trump leaves the courtroom and briefly addresses the media, saying “nobody has ever seen anything like it in this country; it’s a disgrace” and thinking the case is “rigged.” He plans to campaign and attacks Joe Biden, saying the president “will be sleeping.”

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